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Friday, June 22, 2012

It's really hard to come up with clever titles to posts sometimes...

Well, and just like that, 2 weeks of my life have passed and I haven't blogged even one small post. Spence, you must be so proud of me. The "animal" has been tamed! ;) (Side note- huge shout out to my sister Stacy who has gone on a blogging frenzy!! She once joked that since I now have a blog of my own, I could blog about my frustrations about her lack of blogging. Stace- is this the key to getting you to blog more than once a month- not blog myself? If so... I'll never blog again.)

Major reason for lack of blogging? ... I got an IPhone 4- no S, just IPhone 4...saved $100 that way!! I absolutely love it, now that I've figured it out and am no longer utterly overwhelmed by the thing. I also have come to the realization that there's not a whole lot my computer does that I can't also do on my phone. This is both awesome and terrible at once. Hopefully I'll find some balance here soon between both devices (and time without any devices!!).
*No, this is not being posted from my IPhone. That'd be way too difficult.*

Because of said new phone- I've joined Instagram now. If you like, feel free to follow me at woman724. No promises on the frequency, interesting level, or quality of pictures posted.

The last 2 weeks have largely been filled with meetings with people at different local Church Service Missions (CSM) possibilities. I've looked into LDS Family Services (I'd be a secretary- no counseling, unfortunately.), Global Service Center (basically a call center for the church), and Special Needs Seminary/Institute.

I'm leaning towards LDS Family Services. Sure I personally wouldn't be doing anything psychology/counseling related. But I'd be getting to know people who DO psychology/counseling-related activities, and starting hopefully a really great network. And it could possibly lead into a paying job (still as a secretary) once the CSM is over. So why isn't this a done deal already? They want me to work Saturdays. Not ideal. Especially during the summer. I still need to pray about it before I make any final decisions. Ugh- I hate being an adult when it comes to making decisions. Which is kinda funny, because isn't that why kids can't wait to become adults- so they can make their own decisions? Of course- the decisions they have in mind is whether or not they have two cookies instead of one, and whether or not to stay up an extra hour later past bedtime. Ahhh- if only life were that simple, eh? But trust me, when I do finally decide- my people will let your people know. ;)

I've also done fun things like watch Sleepless in Seattle with my sister, Tiffany. I've never seen this movie before. How this happened I'll never know, because I loved the movie- it's totally a "me" movie! But movie aside- I just had tons of fun just talking with her about life. I'm so so grateful she's a part of our family. (Spence- you did a fantastic job choosing a wife!! ;)) I also went shopping with her for a white shirt I needed for my friend's wedding coming up, and for family pictures in August. Not only was the shopping trip a success, but instead of getting the shirt for the original $30 I thought it was going to be, I got it for $8.49. Is that a steal or what?!

Wedding season is in full swing now. Which means, I've gone to a bridal shower (for said friend whose wedding I had to buy the shirt for), and attended 2 receptions in one night. It's fun to see how different each wedding is, and see people you haven't seen in forever. Before the receptions, I was able to cross an item off my "Summer-To-Do List", which was to visit This Is The Place Monument/Park. I'd never been before (that I remember), and one of the receptions was there, so it was a great "2 birds with 1 stone" kinda deal. :) It's amazing to think of all the trials the pioneers had to endure to come to this valley. I'm so grateful that they made the sacrifices to make that trek.

Oh, and I've gotten new hearing aids that I'm still getting used to, but so far so good.

Finally, my life has also been filled with my sister's back surgery, and her recovery. But that my friends is a post in and of itself. And seeing that it's 2:20 a.m. in the morning- this is going to be all for now. Goodnight (or rather- good morning?)!!

P.S. Did anyone else notice the problems blogger was having with the fonts? Either way- it seems to be fixed, and I'm SOO happy about that fact!! YAY!


  1. Jess, I am glad you posted. I was beginning to get a little worried!! I think Spence will be very proud of you!!

  2. Always good to hear the inside of your brain in blog format. You didn't mention how I physically made you join instagram...but I'll let that slide. I am excited to hear more about your adventure to This is the Place & the wedding receptions. Oh & don't forget to never ever dye your hair again, cause then there will be a whole hearing aid matching issue that, let's face it, no one wants to deal with. ;)

  3. Wow, you've been busy! What's the matching hearing aids/hair color story? You must share . . .