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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Service Mission... Initial Thoughts

So the two people that read my blog may or may not be interested in how my service mission is going so far. But either way, I want to document this experience because this is an important experience in my life.

As stated earlier in previous posts, I've never worked at a job before. As such, this has been an incredibly overwhelming experience so far. I had absolutely no idea what to expect before I started. I'm a perfectionist, and impatient. I hate having to wait out the "learning curve" as I make mistakes trying to learn everything I need to know to be successful serving at LDS Family Services (LDSFS). But some things just take time, and my second week was a lot better than my first week. That first week I honestly thought to myself, "What in the world have I gotten myself into, and how can I get out of it?" I would just sit there as they would explain their computer programs thinking, "Yeah- that all makes sense. But could I do all you just said on my own? NO!" And everything is so much more detailed than I could've imagined. It's definitely an eye-opening experience to the intricacies of how an office works. My appreciation for all secretaries do in every office has increased a hundred fold these past two weeks.

I'll admit it's an adjustment going from school being surrounded by my peers all roughly my same age to working with women a lot older than me. But I'm so grateful to these women and the other therapists who I serve with. They'll never know how much their patience, kindness, and understanding has meant to me. In fact, when my missionary badge finally came the second week, two of the ladies sang "Happy Missionary Day to you!" to the tune of 'Happy Birthday'. Made my day.

It's also been an adjustment getting used to my service schedule. I serve Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12- 9 p.m. One unexpected thing I love about serving at night, is that as I drive home along Bangerter Hwy, I get to see the Oquirrh Mt. Temple all lit up. And as I was driving home one night, I thought to myself: there is symbolism is seeing the beautiful bright white temple against the dark night sky. The world is a dark, scary, confusing, and often-times evil place. But the gospel/temple is a bright light that beckons others to come unto it. Through the gospel (and literally in temples) we can find an escape from the world, receive peace that can't be found anywhere else, gain clarity in our lives, and feel the love God has for His children. I hope that makes sense to you as it does in my mind. Whether or not it does- it's a great way to end a day of service driving past the temple each night.

As my stress levels have gone down slightly, I've been able to start appreciating my service mission. I love being surrounded by people who hold my same values/beliefs. I love looking around the office and seeing paintings of Christ on almost every wall. I love being part of an organization that is helping people overcome their struggles through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love knowing that there are so many resources available in the community to help people. (We often have to refer people who call in to outside resources. I had no idea that so many different resources even existed. There really is help available if people need and are willing to accept it.) I love just knowing that there are people out there who are actively working to overcome their problems, rather than take the easy road and succumb to the problem. Serving at LDSFS has made my desire to one day be a counselor grow, and I'm more determined than ever to make that happen.

As you can tell- it's been a lot of emotions. And it's only been two weeks! I'll definitely be keeping you updated on how this experience goes. I can't wait to see what's ahead.


  1. You are doing so great jess! Keep up the great work and attitude. Love you lots!

  2. Everyone who knows you already knows what a great missionary you're going to be because you're already such an incredible person! I don't know if you can answer this on here, but who do you work with specifically? For example, adoptions or addictions or job placement, etc.???? I want to come in just to see you! You're the bomb!

    1. Well I'm doing secretary duties so far. So I answer phones, make appts., file paperwork, etc. I've also done some organizing/inventory. But they have talked to me about working on adoption home-studies. I don't know if that means just with the paperwork involved with home-studies or what that all entails.They've also talked a little to me about having me possibly teach some "life skills" classes (such as anger management for example). Again- haven't done anything with that. The lady who I'd be working with that on has been super busy lately. I know I don't work directly with any of the clients. Other than making appts., signing them in, and filing their paperwork. We don't do anything with employment- that's the employment services job. :) (Which is also located at the Riverton Office Building) Clients we see are for a variety of reasons- pornography, sexual abuse (perpetrators and victims... separately of course), marriage, addiction, etc. So yeah... I'm kind of just doing a lot of odds and ends.

  3. Jess - I finally got caught up on your blog - lots of awesome memories. It was good to hear about how your mission's going too. I bet you'll grow to love it more and more as you get into the swing of things.

  4. I love the analogy of the temple Jess! And I remember every time I would go to the office there I always enjoyed all of the beautiful church pictures. What a great environment to be around. You are doing awesome! Love you!