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Monday, March 18, 2013

Dry Spell

Welp- seems like I've been stuck in a dry spell when it comes to blogging lately. Just haven't had anything exciting and "blog-worthy" happen in my life. Guess I should get a more exciting life, eh? I'll work on that.

Because honestly this is what my life mainly consists of:

  • Work
  • Institute (Taking the "Pearl of Great Price" class)
  • Keeping up with my TV Shows (Once Upon A Time, Psych, Person of Interest, The Mentalist... and I'm re-watching Gilmore Girls)
    • Talking with my sister about Once Upon A Time. See? Family bonding is also involved.
  • Going to the Temple with my Mom (We're slowly, but surely, continuing on the "Temple Tour")
  • Preparing Sunday School Lessons (I'm a Gospel Doctrine Teacher)
However- there have been some other things mixed in here and there. Such as...

My parents went out of town for almost a week a little while ago (and they leave again in a week...)- and during that time I was able to see my best friend, McKinzi, and her adorable little girl for a day. So so excited that her and her husband are going to be moving up here from St. George this summer. Then hopefully I'll get to see their kid more often! (Oh- and I guess McKinzi and Tom too. ;))
Could she be cuter?? I don't think so!!!
Then I went out to my aunt & uncle's to stay the night. That was a lot of fun to spend some time with them. It was also very spiritually uplifting since it was their Stake Conference. During the adult session on Saturday night, I ran into my 7th grade Math teacher. Crazy random right? It was great to see him again. Also during their Stake Conference I heard this amazing definition of meekness:
Meek: to be injured without taking offense or becoming resentful
I seriously love that. And I need to be so much better at it.

I've also visited my Grandma in the new nursing home she's at now. (Which is conveniently only 5 minutes (or less) away from my house.) I must admit though- it is so hard to see her like she is now. That's not the person I knew growing up. It's sad to know that in reality, although her body is still here with us, we've already lost her. She sure was an amazing lady though. Oh how I love her.
My Grandma & Grandpa before they left on one of their missions. 
I've also spent some time with this girl:
No day can be bad when you see this cute face.
Can't believe she turned TWO!! She's such a doll.

**Also celebrated my sister's birthday, who happens to be this girl's mom. But no pictures to document.**
Made Banana Bread for people at work:

And before you think, "Oh that's so nice of you to do that for them!", I have to admit- that really this is just my lame attempt to repay them for all the goodies they bring me at work. I'm spoiled, what can I say?
Of course there's always the consumption of chocolate in my life. That's just a given and vital to my basic functionality... I dare say even my survival:
Both delicious & festive for St. Patrick's Day!!
Oh, and finally, I continued the "Mother-Daughter Choke Hold" Tradition:

See? Totally normal.
There you have it. That's my life these past few weeks in a nutshell! I'll try really hard to lead a more exciting life--and therefore be better at blogging--in the future. 

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