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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From Facebook- My Body

Originally posted on Facebook Feb. 2012

My Body

"It is a particular and exquisitely unique pain to want something with every fiber of your being, to yearn for something on every level: spiritual, physical, biological, emotional, social. And to feel betrayed by yourself, the very essence and expression of you in the physical world: your body. ...

I developed a relationship with my Heavenly Father that is not based on the barometer of happy events in my life. And I learned applications of Gospel principles that I have since found essential in coping with other trials. I would not trade these lessons for all the money in the world."

-From a blog I read. She was talking about her infertility issues. However, I felt the first paragraph really stood out to me as being equally applicable to the challenges of being physically disabled. On the positive side, I also feel the same sentiments expressed in the second paragraph, it's hard- but I wouldn't change my struggles for anything because they've shaped me into who I am, and I like the person I am and becoming.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple
  ***I thought a picture of a temple would be appropriate for this post because as they say, 
the body is a temple of God. (1 Corinthians 3:16-17)***

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  1. Love! And I absolutely LOVE that picture of the temple, so beautiful!