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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why So Serious?

Wow- this blog has sure been pretty deep and heavy so far hasn't it? I promise it won't always be like that. And to prove it- here's what I think is a hilarious exchange between me and my 4 year old niece, Kate (who will be 5 at the end of June- crazy!), when I went out to Florida about 2 weeks ago:

While Kate is taking a bath, she out of NOWHERE starts the following conversation...

Kate: Are you going to marry a short person?
Me: I don't know. Do you think it would be weird if I married a tall person?
Kate: Yes.
Me: Why?
Kate: Because you're short.
Me: Oh. Okay. Well if you find a short person for me to marry you let me know okay?
Kate: Okay.

So there you have it folks. I officially have my 4 year old niece on the job of finding my spouse. I feel like I'm in really good hands. Wouldn't you agree? I mean with a cute face like that... how could she NOT come through for me?!

P.S. I'd love to know how long she was thinking about this matter before she actually asked me about it. I love the way kids minds think!!

Kate's on the right. Kylie's on the left (18 months). How did I get so lucky to have such ADORABLE nieces?!?!


  1. That's easy! They get it from their Auntie Jess!! (Their parents aren't half-bad either! *wink*)

  2. Love those girls! And I personally think you should marry some one that is at least 6'10", you know, just to give people something to talk about. ;)

  3. Jess, you're in trouble. If you're depending on Kate's logic to find your spouse, you're in trouble. Glad my kids could help "lighten up" your "serious" blog though. I really need to get around to updating mine . . .