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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lake Powell... Camping Style

So last week I went to Lake Powell... again. I tell ya- I can't get enough of that place! This time it was the camping trip, which is a VERY different trip than the houseboat. I personally prefer the houseboat, it's so much easier for me. However, the camping is still really fun.

All who went:
Allen (uncle), Jodi (Allen's daughter), Sienna, Savannah, Whitney, & Kallie (Jodi's 4 daughters)
Marci & Dave (aunt & uncle), Wendi & Eric (Marci's daughter & her husband), Lexi, Micki, & Hunter (Wendi & Eric's 3 kids)
Mom, Dad, & Me

The next 3 photos were not taken by me but by my cousin Micki. I stole them off facebook. ;)
This was our camp spot. It was fantastic in my opinion for 3 main reasons. 1) It was large. 2) The sand was packed & wet (not the white loose sand) which is great cause it doesn't blow in your face/food when it's windy AND I can use my walker to get around! 3) It was shady for quite a while in the morning and pretty early in the evenings. It WASN'T fantastic in 1 really major way- it was really muddy/mucky walking out to the boat. I'm talking the kind where you step and sink a foot up to your knees in mud. Made for interesting transportation when I was carried to and from the boat and camp!
Whitney, Sienna, Wendi, Lexi, Savannah, Marci, Dave, Me
(Not pictured: Allen, Jodi, Kallie, Eric, Micki, Hunter, Mom, Dad)

Marina run for gas, ice, and of course... ice-cream!!!
Absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. This was on the last night- sunset boat ride back to camp from the marina.  I love the color the rocks turn when the sun sets. SO PRETTY!! How I wish I could just jump into the picture... *sigh*
-Sight seeing up canyons
-Lunch up 7 Mile Canyon under a shady overhang
-Mom skiing for 45 minutes... straight
-Swimming (You can't beat 80+ degree water!)
-Campfires- eating s'mores & reminiscing memories
-Playing games in a tent while it's pouring rain outside
-Sleeping out in the boat & tent
-Reading on boat rides

And finally 2 quotes from Jodi's 4 year old daughter, Whitney that I thought was so cute/hilarious...
*So there was a HUGE daddy-longlegs spider at the top of the bathroom cover/tent. Of course it was there when I was using the bathroom. Just my luck. Anyways- so Whitney was right there for the whole thing and my mom tells her- go find someone brave to come kill it. So she went up to her grandpa, Allen, and asks him, "Grandpa, are you brave enough to come kill this spider?" (My mom was the one who actually ended up killing it.)

*Allen, Jodi and her kids came and rode in our boat one time to/from the marina. On the way back to camp, she's sitting by me and asks the question, "Why is your boat super awesome?"

It definitely was a fantastic way to close out the summer! Now here's to fall adventures, which for me includes starting my service mission. Wish me luck!!!

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