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Monday, October 1, 2012

Love/Hate Relationship with Halloween

       -The tradition of Trick-or-Treating…as a kid
       -Decorating the house with my Mom
         -“Sounds of Halloween” tape (including: Ghostbusters,  Thriller, 
                 The Monster Mash, & Purple People Eater)
       -Carving Pumpkins
       -Carmel Apples
       -Holiday Traditions (My Aunt’s Costume Party)
       -Cute kid’s costumes
       -Ghostbuster’s –the movie
       -Beautiful fall weather
         -Knowing Thannksgiving and CHRISTMAS are just around the corner

       -Slutty costumes girls wear
        -Answering the door for Trick-or-Treaters… as an adult 
              (forget about a relaxing evening at home!)
      -The “Scary” aspect of Halloween (Haunted Houses, Movies, etc.)
              I HATE anything remotely scary!! I don’t get an adrenaline rush or 
              find  it fun… I have a heart attack instead.
      -SPIDERS everywhere!!! Hello- I’m an arachnophobic here!!


  1. Bahaha! This made me giggle like a slutty schoolgirl nurse. ;)

  2. I just have a hate/hate relationship with Halloween. I think it's the worst idea ever! Who thought the whole thing up? "Hey! I have a great idea! We'll all spend a bunch of money on costumes we will wear ONE time, then we'll walk around in the FREEZING cold/DARK of night knocking on doors of people we don't know collecting candy that we'll then have to go home and inspect for drugs/knives/anything else dangerous, then we'll eat it until we're all sick and have gained 15 pounds, then we'll go for our dental checkups and all our teeth will be rotting out of our heads! It'll be great! Oh, and don't forget to spend $50 of our hard-earned money on candy for a bunch of kids WE DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!!"


  3. Hi, I am a church service missionary in Disability Services. We found your blog and we would like to contact you, but you have no contact info that I can find. Could you email me at
    I also have a daughter w/Ds. Our personal blog in

    Sister Smith

  4. I'm crackin' up at the fact that a fellow service mission-ite found you, and put their comment on your Halloween post. You just never know who'se reading your stuff, eh?