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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gender Equality Within the LDS Church

So gender equality within the church has been on my mind a lot lately. This was brought about by the Facebook event/page "Wear Pants to Church Day". Basically a group of women are trying to draw attention to perceived gender inequality in the church by wearing pants instead of a dress/skirt to church. I'll say this about it: I personally have never felt in any way discriminated against or second class in the church due to my gender. And I don't feel the need to wear pants to outwardly demonstrate my equality with the men also in attendance. However, if women choose to wear pants to church- while I might not agree with their choices- I will still love, respect, and welcome them.

Through all of this, I was introduced to this amazing article that talks about the stance and doctrinal perspective the Church has on gender equality. I believe every church member (and really- even nonmembers who might have misconceptions about this issue and the Church) should read this article. For me it explained so many different things clearly and simply, and answered many questions I've had for a long time (especially concerning Adam and Eve).

It's a little long, but I promise well worth the read!!! Here's the link: I'm a Mormon Because I'm a Feminist

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