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Friday, December 21, 2012

Great News!!

(I think so at least...)

I got a job!!!

'Where?' you might ask. .... With LDS Family Services!

To answer your question: yes I do have to end my missionary service to be employed for them.

Let me start at the beginning.

Right before Thanksgiving a part time secretary got another job elsewhere (she needed benefits and therefore needed a full-time job). Now it's quite the process apparently for LDS Family Services to know whether or not they're going to hire someone new. Mainly because it's not completely up to them. They need to get approval from downtown "higher up" people on whether they can hire- and how many people they can hire. Approval is apparently based on a formula (based on what exactly I'm not sure- but it supposedly justifies whether or not our office really needs another secretary or not).

Anyhoo- one day while I was there, Gail (the manager of the 'support staff' as the secretaries are known by) asked me, "What if we hired you?" I laughed in her face. I completely blew it off because I thought to myself, 'Hello- see the badge on my shoulder? I'm a service missionary!' But that comment from her got me thinking- 'What if I did actually apply and got hired? Mmm- maybe I should seriously consider this!'

I went back and asked them (Gail and the office manager- Kris) if they were serious and what they truthfully thought about me applying for the job. They both were so supportive and Kris was practically begging me to apply- which made me feel really good. It's nice to know they enjoy having me there as much as I enjoy being there. :)

Soooo- I went for it! I submitted my resume 2 days later, had an interview a week later (which was 2 days ago) and got the official job offer later that same day. I have an appointment scheduled with my bishop this Sunday morning to get released from my service mission. My official start date will be next Wednesday, December 26th.

Interestingly enough- I'll be there for less hours a week than I was as a service missionary. As as missionary I was there 24 hours a week. As an employee I'll only be there 19 hours a week. And I'm honestly sad about that fact. I really do love spending my days there and being with all the amazing people there. But I'm so happy knowing this experience won't end in a year or two when the mission would've been there. They're stuck with me indefinitely! ;)

This whole experience has just left me grateful and in amazement of how the Lord orchestrates and plans out our lives. So glad to know He has a plan and is in charge. Life is good!  

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