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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Commemorating Calvin

Tuesday, the 23rd, marked a year since Calvin passed away. To commemorate, Spencer and Tiffany came up from Arizona to be here for the 1 Year Anniversary. To start the day off, Spencer & Tiffany, my mom & dad, Tiffany's parents, and I all went to the Jordan River Temple to do a session. I love the temple. The Spirit is always so strong and being there helps keep an eternal perspective on life. 
Tiff and I after the temple. We have matching diamond necklaces!!
(And diamond's just happen to be the birthstone of April...)
I love her so much, and am so blessed to have her as my sister-in-law.
I can't believe I'm one year closer to seeing & holding my perfect nephew again!
I love & miss you so much Calvin!! 
That evening our family and Tiffany's family met at the gravesite where we each wrote messages to Calvin on a balloon before releasing them up into the sky.

After the gravesite- we all went out to dinner at the classic Pace's Dairy Ann. And then back at my parent's house we just visited and looked at the scrapbooks Tiffany made of Calvin- from the pregnancy to the funeral. It was great day spent with family and in remembrance of Calvin. 

While it's still sad to not have him here with us, I am so grateful for my testimony in the reality that families can be eternal. There is life after death. We will see and be with him again in the next life. I can't wait. I'm so excited to hold and get to know him. So grateful for the Plan of Happiness.

Thanks Spence & Tiff for letting me share in this day with you guys!!

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