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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Festivities

A couple of Sunday's before Halloween we decided to carve some pumpkins:
We put Makai inside the pumpkin too- she HATED it. Poor girl. And Camren only did it cause his dad told him he'd pay him $1 to do it.

Go Utes!!

Then the Saturday before Halloween (Oct. 27) was the annual Halloween party my aunt Marci gives. As you can see I put a lot of thought and effort into my "costume" and went as a missionary. Which was doubly convient because I served that Saturday. Laura was my "companion". Aren't we cute?

On actual Halloween, I dressed up as a witch (again- all about convience and easiness!) for my service mission. Yes it felt a little weird putting the badge on dressed as a witch...

An accurate depiction of how I feel about spiders!
I wasn't the only one who dressed up for Halloween at my service however...
This is Brenda. She's my absolute favorite. She's just the sweetest lady ever. And yes I'm surprised myself that I could even stand to look at the spider on her head. *shudders*
Here's the Johnston Crew all decked out in their costumes:
Jaden- Minecraft character; Makai- Bumblebee; Camren- Vampire
And oh yeah, that's my dad in the Grim Reaper costume holding Makai. He sits super still in a rocking chair holding a bowl of candy with a sign that says "Take 1 Please". It is HILARIOUS watching from inside the house kids stand at the bottom of our porch steps egging each other on to be the brave one and go get the candy. And then when they finally do come up, they stand as far back as possible but still reach the candy. Pure entertainment I tell ya!
So if you're like me- you had no idea what the heck "Minecraft" was. So while I was impressed with Jaden's costume before (which he made himself by the way), I'm 100x  more impressed after having Googled images of Minecraft. That kid has serious artistic skills. Wouldn't you agree?!
So while my dad was outside dealing with the trick-or-treaters, my mom and I were inside watching this show:
Yes... we own all the seasons. Well the seasons with the original Darrin that is. ;)
I may not have been alive when this was originally on, but I love it just as much as if I had been. I absolutely love Samantha. And how can you beat a good, CLEAN, hilarous (in my opinion at least) TV show?! That's nearly impossible to find these days. 

All in all- I consider it a successful year for Halloween. But I'm MORE than happy to see all the spider decorations disappear- until next year that is... 

Hopefully all of you only got treats and no tricks!! Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. You look so pretty as a witch! Not even kidding! That was so fun to be your companion, even if just for the evening. ;( I am glad you looked up some pics of what Minecraft is, so you could appreciate his costume even more! I love Bewitched too! Maybe I will borrow it since I have no new seasons of anything I could possibly watch at this time, wink...wink!