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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Decision

This is my people letting your people know my decision regarding the Church Service Mission (which will now be referred to as CSM).
Drumroll please..............

I decided to serve with LDS Family Services at the offices in Riverton.

I'm scared to death. I've never worked at an official job before. My whole life revolved around school until 7 months ago. I know the academic life. I'm successful at the academic life. Despite my extreme dislike of the academic life... I have no clue about the work life. I especially have no clue how successful I'll be at the work life. Don't misunderstand- I'm confident in my abilities to be successful, I just don't have any prior work experience to back the claim up! And heaven knows I'm praying and crossing all limbs that I'll enjoy- maybe even love, if I'm lucky- the work life. (I really really want to be spending my time doing something I actually enjoy, and not just do it because I'm supposed to, which is how it was during school.)

I understand that this is different. For one, I'm not getting paid, as I would be in a "real" job. However, I'll be working in an office as a secretary just as if I was getting paid. It's also different in that it's not full time; however, I'm not exactly sure what my hours will be at this point. I'm pretty open right now.

I never would've dreamed that this would be the "mission" I would serve. And I'll admit I had a hard time accepting that, and really letting go of the fact that I wouldn't be talking to people about the gospel. However, with the help of my wonderful mother, she helped me to see that no matter what capacity I served a mission in, that it is still important/valuable service. There is so much work to be done. And whether your knocking on doors in a different country, speaking a foreign language, or answering the phones and filing paperwork in an office- it is all part of the Lord's work and it is all important.

While I'm very nervous, I'm also really excited. Since I've never done anything like this before, there's lots for me to learn, and I'm sure I'll grow in so many different ways from this experience. I'm excited to work in a place where I know the Spirit will be and surrounded by people who share my same beliefs and values. I really missed that aspect while attending Westminster. It will also be an amazing opportunity for me to form great networks by getting to know people who are actually DOING counseling as their profession. And who knows, maybe at the end of my service mission, I'll be able to be hired on? You just never know where life will lead you next... I'm hoping this will lead me to a really great place not only now, but in the future.

So here's to a new experience! (And no, I don't know exactly when that experience will start.)

This is a picture (from online) of the building
where I'll be spending my time. 


  1. Sounds Like a great adventure! Working is going to rock your world! :) And on a sidenote, are you going to be one of those people who changes the background to your blog every week? This one would really match the picture I have of the girls at the top of my blog. Okay, now I'm just rambling . . .

    1. Stace- no I will not be changing my blog background on a weekly basis. But probably monthly... I like being festive with the holidays okay? I was just having some issues with the original background so changed it to the purple/yellow one to tide me over till the patriotic one for July. I'm weird I know. ;)

  2. Love it! If you had served a proselyting mission, you would've been saying that you "knew" that this was where the Lord wanted you to go. Really, this is no different. Your mom was absolutely right! And you're going to do the same thing with this that you do with everything else in your life: ROCK!!