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Saturday, July 21, 2012

When O'Gwin's Come to Visit

My mom and Matt went out to Florida to help bring Stacy and her girls back out to Utah for a month. Chris came out 2 weeks later. While I've been out to see them in Florida a couple of times, not everyone in the family has. So for those who haven't- it's been about 18 months since they've seen the O'Gwin's. Needless to say... it was way past due for a visit! Here's some highlights via pictures...

Chillin' watching a movie...
...all tuckered out half an hour later.

Story time! Makai's face is hilarious by the way...
Makai enjoying the Slip & Slide

Makai, Kate, Lise, & Kylie enjoying the Kiddie Pool

Such posers in their cute swim suits! Oh, and Kylie is imitating Kate- not the other way around if anyone cares.

Sound asleep. Watching the Bachelorette finale with Grandpa, Grandma, and your aunt will do that to ya!
We normally stay up at Snowbird in our condo the week during the 24th of July. However, this year my aunt & uncle and their family wanted to have the condo. So instead we decided to just come for half a day- visit the Snowbird Center (which always involves getting ice-cream!) and do a small hike and of course some swimming.
Family shot on the bridge.

I scream, I scream, we all scream for ice-cream!

Hiking up the trail.

Gorgeous view down Little Cottonwood Canyon and over the valley.

Puzzle time- which always seems to go till past midnight...

...but here's the finished product! (It's a picture representing Lake Powell)

Snuggling watching a show the girls were crazy about- H2O. Super cute!
 My mom's side of the family usually does a sleepover from July 3rd - 4th. However, they switched it up this year and instead did a celebration for the 24th of July. It was originally going to be a sleepover, but turned into just a one day thing. Which worked out better for me since I was going through the temple the next day. It was fun to see everyone though, and some intense games of volleyball were played!
The kids loved playing on the tramp.

Our family sure loves volleyball. They play for hours on end- as long as the light will allow!

Kate was so cute with my grandma- she sat on her lap and talked with her for probably 20 minutes. Which is a big deal for a 5 year old. I know my grandma absolutely loved it. And isn't Kate's hair awesome??

And if you're noticing and wondering why there's more pictures of Kylie than of my other nieces- there's a reason for that. Her sisters were gone to Laura's having sleepovers with their cousins a lot. Or else their cousins were over here and her sisters were then off playing with them. For one reason or another- it just seemed like there were lots more picture opportunities with Kylie than with the others. However, the quantity of pictures has nothing to do with the quantity of love per child I promise. 

Not pictured:
-Late night talks with my Mom and Stacy (I'm talking till 2 am here)
-Movies including:
   *The Help
   *Everything You Want
   *Do Not Disturb (I LOVE Doris Day!!)
-Bridal Shower for my cousin, Katelyn
-The following conversation (which occurred repeatedly) between Kylie & Me:
        Me: Guess what Kylie?
        Kylie: What Jess?
        Me: I love you Kylie!
        Kylie: I love you Jess!

This week the O'Gwin's are up with Chris's family. They're coming back Friday night and on Saturday we're having family pictures done, and then heading down to Lake Powell for a week. Lake Powell will be a post in and of itself, so this is the end of the this MONSTROUS post. Hope you enjoyed it! It sure has been a fun couple of weeks! 

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