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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Personal Anthem

If I were to chose an anthem for myself, this song, I Will by Hilary Weeks, would be it hands down. Here are the words if you care:

I made my choice.
You can mark this day,
the day I pledge 
to take His name.

I will be strong,
I will be brave.
Standing for Him
as I take my place.

I have felt the Spirit burn truth in my heart.
It's in my heart.

And I will stand 
I will not fall in a world that's weak
I will be strong.
I'll be true, I will choose His ways.
Yeah, I know what's right
and I will not change.
In a world where so many will not, I will.  <--- This is my favorite line. So powerful and EXACTLY how I feel!

I may be one,
but one becomes two
when you stand with me,
and I stand with you.
As we unite
our cause is great.

We're not just the candle, 
we are the flame.
And I will take the light He gives me,
and I'll hold it up high. I'll hold it up high.

Chorus 2x

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  1. I had never heard this song. She is amazingly talented! This song fits you to a T!