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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pioneer Day aka... My Birthday

I'm officially 22 years old. So far- doesn't feel much different than 21 years old. On my birthday I spent some time reflecting to myself all that's happened in my 22 years of life- all that I've accomplished and overcome. All the great experiences I have had, which now make for some great memories. I also thought a little of all the hard times I've endured. I came to a firm conclusion that all the good far more than outweighs the hard times. Life is hard, but it is also really good. Fantastic even. 

I was blessed to celebrate my birthday exactly how I wanted- spent with my family. It started with the traditional singing of "Happy Birthday" at midnight, this year from my mom and Stacy. It just wouldn't feel right if this didn't happen. Thanks Mom and Stacy for staying up just to sing to me!

During the actual day I went out to lunch with Stacy at Winger's. It was super yummy and fun to spend some time with Stacy one-on-one for a bit.

My nieces and nephews (minus Makai & Kylie). I got this picture sent to my phone from my sister. I think it's super cute- and kinda funny at the same time (what's up with Camren's face?!). Love it.

That night we met at the Jordan Ridge Park and everyone brought there dinner. The kids were able to play on the playground while the adults played some volleyball. (Laura and I made for some great cheerleaders- and keeping an eye on the kiddos!) 

Super blurry sorry, I was way zoomed in on my Iphone. So in case you can't see very well- it's my dad with Kylie and Kate on the swings. Mike and Camren are there as well.

Stacy, Spencer, Aly, Tiffany, Matt, Mom, Jaden, & Bre ... and eventually Mike playing volleyball.
(Jaden, Bre, and Mike not pictured) 

A silly, but cute, picture of Makai playing in the dirt. I think she was actually eating it at one point. But what kid doesn't?

After the park it was back to the house for s'mores in the fire pit, some fireworks for the kids, and an outside showing of The Sandlot. Good times!! 

Kylie with the parachute she caught from one of the fireworks.

Tank Wars... it was intense.

Me, Stacy, Kylie, Jaden, Bre, Matt, Aly, Dad, Kate, Analise (Also present but not in the picture- Spencer, Tiffany, Mom, Laura, Mike, Camren, Makai)
It was a great birthday, and I feel incredibly blessed with all I've been given thus far in my life. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. I'm also interested in where I'll be when the next 22 years have come and gone. If I've learned anything from the past 22 years- it's that it'll be an interesting ride!

Oh... and Happy Pioneer Day to everyone else! I hope it was a fantastic day filled with lots of celebrations! 


  1. I hope it was a good birthday for you. Love you lots!

  2. Oh Happy Late Birthday Jess! I think the real reason we celebrate pioneer day is actually because it is your birthday. Don't let the people fool you ;)

  3. That was so much fun! I applaud you for the uniqueness in planning such a fun birthday party.